Holisan Lezing: Allergies, Symptoms, Types and Treatments

zaterdag 5 september 2020, 10u00 tot 17u00

Ayurvedic treatment for various physical problems

As the body acts to eradicate the perceived threat from substances in the environment, such as pollen, animal hair, dander and other substances, we can experience the uncomfortable symptoms of an allergy reaction.

In addition to inherited tendencies such as immune response to toxins, bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells, several other key factors will be discussed whether a person experiences an allergic reaction and how severe that reaction will be. These include inner resilience – the strength and quality of Agni, the individual’s digestive fire, the quantity of allergens that enter the body, and a person’s current state of balance or disbalance in the Dosha’s.

 Deze lezing is in het Engels/ this lecture will be in ENGLISH!

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Docent:               Naveen Gupta

Prijs:                     € 15,-

Datum:                Zaterdag 5 september 2020

Tijden:                 10:00 uur – 17:00 uur

Locatie:                Holisan BV, Merwede 30, 8226 NA Lelystad