Ayurveda, Hypercholesterol and Diabetes

zaterdag 9 december 2017, 10u00 tot 17u00
Vaidya Naveen Gupta

Ayurveda, Hypercholesterol and Diabetes

Naveen will discuss the use of Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle and herbal supplements to address hypercholesterol, and decrease the incidence of cardiovascular events in both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals.

Vedic Scientists and Ayurveda Researchers along with the medical fraternity are constantly working to find solutions for the increasing incidence and management of the disease known as Diabetes Mellitus, which incidentally has become one of the major killers in the modern world.

Irregular and faulty food habits, lack of exercise, unhealthy life style, unhealthy competitiveness and the increased stress and strain in relationships and society are some contributory causative factors that make an individual more prone to develop diabetes at an early age.

Diabetes is known as 'Prameha' in Ayurvedic literature. The whole description of 'Prameha' right from the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, complications, and treatment with specific instructions on diet and life-style along with prescription of single herbs and complex Ayurvedic preparations will be discussed.

Please note that basic understanding of Ayurveda is required as the Ayurveda terminology and clinical terms will be used in the discussion.

This lecture will be in ENGLISH.
Deze lezing is in het ENGELS.

Voorwaarde voor deelname: Lezing bedoeld voor artsen, therapeuten, di√ętisten, medisch en paramedisch personeel. Basiskennis Ayurveda gewenst.