Holisan, The Explanation of Herbs in Relation to Anna Vaha Srotas

zaterdag 23 maart 2019, 10u00 tot 17u00

De Ayurvedische benadering van de 13 Srotas. (Engelstalig!)

This lecture shall be on the Anna Vaha Srotas (The channels that carry the food – mainly the digestive system) and will cover the following points:

- Ajeerna (Disorders related to the liver, digestive system and metabolism)

- Amlapitta (hyperacidity)

- Vibandha (constipation)

- Lactose and gluten intolerances

Naveen Gupta, an Ayurvedic Physician, born, brought up and qualified in India, now practicing as an Holistic Therapist and Lecturer in Europe will present an in-depth overview on Ayurveda: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Herbs and Therapies to combat Obesity.

Deze lezing is in het Engels!
This lecture will be in ENGLISH.

Docent:   Naveen Gupta
Prijs:       € 15,-
Datum:   Zaterdag 23 maart 2019
Tijden:   10:00 uur – 17:00 uur
Locatie:  Holisan BV, Merwede 30, 8226 NA Lelystad

Koffie, thee en een lichte lunch zijn inbegrepen.
Coffee, tea and a light lunch are included.