Holisan: The Explanation of Herbs in Relation to Aartava Vaha Srotas

zaterdag 14 december 2019, 10u00 tot 17u00

‘Aartava Vaha Srotas’ means ‘Channels of circulation related to femininity.’

For whom: This lecture series is an initiative and a part of an ongoing Ayurveda Project promoted by Holisan Health Products that includes a detailed account of the philosophy, science and spirituality behind Ayurvedic healing and Herbal Medicines.

Benefits for Practising Ayurveda Professional:

Through the practical knowledge shared by Vaidya in this lecture, the Ayurvedic Practitioner/ Dr. and Ayurveda nutritionist or dietist shall be able to prescribe Authentic Ayurveda products for their clients with knowhow about indications, dosages schedules, recipes etc. for various dosha as prakriti or vikriti and diverse diseases and syndromes in reference to pure Ayurveda knowledge base.

Highlights of Lecture Series – Dosha Imbalances, Dhatu poshaka (strengthening tissues), Marma Bindu (care of vital points in human physiology), Nutrition (your kitchen – your home pharmacy)

Lectures on Indications, Mode of Action, Ingredients, Ayurveda Energetics such as Rasa-Taste, Guna-Qualities,Virya-Potency, Vipaka-Post digestive effect and Prabhava– specific action, Dosage, Use as a Home Remedy and Classical reference on Selected Single Herbs, diverse Complex preparations and Taila-s (Ayurvedic Medicated Oils) and their working on Dosha (bio-energies), sub-dosha, Dhatu (Tissues), Srotas (Organic systems such as Cardiology, Immunology, Gynaecology etc. etc.) and subtle energies such as Prana, Tejas and Ojas.

Introduction about Lecturer:

Naveen Kumar Gupta, a well qualified Ayurveda Doctor and Professor from India having a vast experience in using Ayurveda Herbalism in India, Europe and around the globe shall explain in detail the health benefits of Principal Ayurveda Herbs using the ancient system of Ayurveda.

Deze lezing is in het Engels!
This lecture will be in ENGLISH.

Docent: Naveen Gupta
Prijs: € 15,-
Datum: Zaterdag 14 december 2019
Tijden: 10:00 uur – 17:00 uur
Locatie: Holisan BV, Merwede 30, 8226 NA Lelystad

Koffie, thee en een lichte lunch zijn inbegrepen.

Coffee, tea and a light lunch are included.