Holisan: Ayurveda & CVS Burnout and ADHD

zaterdag 30 november 2019, 10u00 tot 17u00


The Ayurvedic view of ‘CVS, burnout and ADHD’ and the possibilities that Ayurveda offers to prevent and treat it.

Burn-out in Ayurveda is most similar to Bala Kshaya, which means “loss of (resilience) power”. The role of Vata, Agni and Ama in this lecture is being examined. If we know how it originates, because of the always applicable Ayurvedic principles, there is also knowledge about how to treat it. Treatment with nutrition, lifestyle, oil and nutritional supplements is discussed.

Deze lezing is in het ENGELS/ This lecture will be in ENGLISH.

Docent: Naveen Gupta
Datum: 30-11-2019
Tijden: 10:00 uur – 17:00 uur
Locatie: Holisan BV, Merwede 30, 8226 NA Lelystad
Prijs: € 15,-

Koffie, thee en een lichte lunch zijn inbegrepen/ Coffee, tea and a light lunch are included.