Ayurvedic Approach to Liver - Blood - DETOX!

zaterdag 9 september 2017, 10u00 tot 17u00
Vaidya Naveen Gupta

Zaterdag 9 september 2017 - Ayurvedic Approach to Liver - Blood - DETOX!

By detoxifying blood we talk about cleansing the liver. By cleansing the liver we talk about inducing the liver to purge all of the Unwanted Fats, Bad Cholesterol Deposits, Gallstones, Poisons, Drug residues, and Toxic waste stored therein and colon detox.

If the liver is functioning in an efficient, healthy manner then no form of cell degeneration can occur and most diseases cannot develop in the body. Conversely, an unhealthy liver is very likely at the root of most serious health problems.

Naveen Kumar Gupta, a well-known Ayurveda Physician, specialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Ayurveda System of Medicine, will address these issues in this lecture and will explain about Healthy Liver and Ayurvedic Detoxification using Purification Processes with Ayurvedic kitchen, Holisan Herbs and Oils.

Please note that basic understanding of Ayurveda is required as the Ayurveda terminology and clinical terms will be used in the discussion.

This lecture will be in ENGLISH.
Deze lezing is in het ENGELS.

Voorwaarde voor deelname: Lezing bedoeld voor artsen, therapeuten, diëtisten, medisch en paramedisch personeel. Basiskennis Ayurveda gewenst.

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