Marma Points of the Lymph Sytem (with Demo)

zaterdag 26 mei 2018, 10u00 tot 17u00
Vaidya Naveen Gupta

‘Care & Stimulation of Vital Points in Human Physiology’

Explanation of Marma Points (ayurvedic energy points) and demonstration of which oils to use on which marma Points! 

Marma points are the ‘junction of consciousness and physiology’. Therefore we call the series of Holisan lectures: ‘Care & Stimulation of vital points in Human Physiology’.

In Ayurveda consciousness is considered primary, and all health, healing and well being is the result of universal consciousness flowing freely. Marma points are a direct connection of one’s individual consciousness to universal consciousness, when these points are cleared of any existing or potential blockages coming from external forces or internal energy flow, vital energy flows more fully through the body, enlivening it and restoring perfect health.

Highlights of the series shall be:

  • How to identify and locate the principal Marma's 
  • Vibrational Cleansing and Balancing Protocols 
  • Opening the Vibrational Heart Lotus
  • Delivering Prana through the Spinal Cord & vertebral column (pranic nadis channels)
  • Mantra with Marma Therapy for greater benefits
  • Activating Adhipati & Sthapani - the master Marma's
  • Authentic Beauty through facial Marma points
  • Pleasing figure through Marma points of Chest, Back and Flanks 
  • Managing obesity through Abdominal Marma points

and so on…

Naveen Kumar Gupta, a well-known Physician in the Ayurveda System of Medicine, will address these issues in this series of lectures.

This is part 3 of a series of 4 lectures, covering the head, the chest area, the lymph system and the legs.

Accreditation applied for with KTNO  / Accreditatie aangevraagd bij de KTNO 

Deze lezing is in het Engels.
This lecture will be in English.